Posted in November 2012


So, after all’s been said and done, and all of Nik’s blood has been spilled, how was it? How did we do? Was there something you really liked and want to see more of? Is there something you absolutely hated and wished firey things upon us because of it? Somewhere in between? Say so here. … Continue reading

97 Hours

There’s only 97 hours left until the Convention! Do you know how short that is? You could watch all the Star Wars movies 7 times in a row! (Or just the good ones 15 times) Your fingernails could grow up to 0.4 mm by then, better cut and buff those puppies up before you sit … Continue reading

Concentric 2012 is go!

This is it. We’re almost there. Concentric 2012 is a go, and we’re about as excited as we possibly can be for it all. In two short weeks, we open the doors of the David Strong Building, and for three days, it will become a gaming Nirvana. There’s board games, card games, video games, and … Continue reading