97 Hours

There’s only 97 hours left until the Convention!

Do you know how short that is? You could watch all the Star Wars movies 7 times in a row! (Or just the good ones 15 times)

Your fingernails could grow up to 0.4 mm by then, better cut and buff those puppies up before you sit down to our UVic Games Club Ultimate Omnigaming Tournament running all weekend long.

Those of you with facial hair? You can expect 1.4 cm to come in by then, keep it nice and trimmed though eh buddy? Don’t want everyone thinking you’re a Werewolf.

Or you could watch all the Harry Potter movies 4.85 times.You’ll almost be done Deathly Hallows Part 1, but don’t keep watching– or you might be late for Opening Ceremonies at 6pm THIS FRIDAY!

See you then!


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