Concentric 2012 is go!

This is it. We’re almost there. Concentric 2012 is a go, and we’re about as excited as we possibly can be for it all.

In two short weeks, we open the doors of the David Strong Building, and for three days, it will become a gaming Nirvana. There’s board games, card games, video games, and role-playing games of all sizes, shapes, and colours. There’s game development workshops and panels. There’s tournaments for the competitive, free-play for the flexible, and party games for those in between. There’s cartoons for the relaxed, and NERF blasters for the active. If you like to be immersed, there’s live-action role-playing; if you like to be detached, there’s war games. If you want to win, and hold your victory high above it all, taking all comers regardless of the arena you find yourself in, there’s a weekend-long omnigaming tournament, testing your skills in a bevy of random gaming.

So! We are opening the doors on Friday, November 16th, at 6:00pm, and we won’t go home until 7:00pm on Sunday, November 18th, just to ensure that everyone who walks through those doors will have fun. That’s all you need to come to this; we just want everyone to have fun. If that sounds great to you, then by all means, come to the David Strong Building, at the University of Victoria between those times and days, and have a great time with your fellow gamers.

From all of us at the UVic Games Club, our magical friends at UVic Urban Gaming (who may or may not be unicorns), the mysterious UVic GameDev, and on behalf of our friends and associates from GottaCon and our glorious sponsors Dave’s Pop Culture and the Martlet, we hope to see all of you there!


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