Are you interested in volunteering? Here are some of the things we’ll be needing help with:

  • Registration: checking in the excited gamers, getting them their Badge, answering questions and directions
  • the Concession Stand: selling snacks and drinks to the hungry gamers
  • Free-Play Room: checking in/out Games so we keep track of the games people have been so gracious as to donate us for the Con.
  • Gophers: DM’s bag broke and he needs help carrying his books to the room for his session? You’re there. Registration ran out of badges and needs you to go find Con Staff to bring them more? You got this. Concession really has to go to the washroom? You can watch it.

Fill out our form to let us know if you’re interested, and in the comment let us know if you have a preference as to what you’d like to be doing [perhaps you have a phobia of food and really can’t be in Concession. Or you hate money with an undying passion and can’t work Registration or Concession because of it. Who knows? We don’t judge.] If you’re anxious about getting to enjoy the Con, the more of you who sign up the better the chance that every Volunteers will enjoy it plenty! But it’s absolutely our priority– if you see something on the schedule you absolutely don’t want to miss, include it in the comments or drop us an email at uvicgamesclub@gmail.com.


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