2013 Event Submission

ConCentric is still a ways out but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t nose to the grindstone to make it bigger and better than last year. The inaugural Concentric had nearly one hundred different events planned and that was just the stuff by four groups running the show. This year we’ve already recruited another 8 … Continue reading

It Begins (Again)

With 6 months until ConCentric 2013 we’re getting together and getting started on our plans for our Second Annual Gaming Convention to be held again at the University of Victoria. We had a blast last year, played some games, won some Tournaments– it was a more intimate affair with about 60 of us doing the … Continue reading


So, after all’s been said and done, and all of Nik’s blood has been spilled, how was it? How did we do? Was there something you really liked and want to see more of? Is there something you absolutely hated and wished firey things upon us because of it? Somewhere in between? Say so here. … Continue reading

97 Hours

There’s only 97 hours left until the Convention! Do you know how short that is? You could watch all the Star Wars movies 7 times in a row! (Or just the good ones 15 times) Your fingernails could grow up to 0.4 mm by then, better cut and buff those puppies up before you sit … Continue reading