The Call Out

With a month to the Convention rounding the corner we’re kicking into full gear, and we’re putting the call out! What call? Certainly not the horribly 90s song by the Backstreet Boys that I just listened to while typing this out. No we’re putting out the call for anyone interested in contributing to making Con-Centric awesome– how can you do that?

Well you can volunteer for one thing! Volunteering can run a full gambit of different things you may end up doing, you could man the Concession booth supplying gamers with the fuel they need to make it through the 5 hour Catan-oment; You could man registration, or just run around and help people running Events like if one-shot RPG DM forgot the core rule book back at Registration, or if UVic GameDev’s game jam is missing one of their power bars. You could check board games in and out for people in the free play room, allowing people to get their Arkham Horror or Martian Dice fix, so that any people interested in donating their games to Free Play know can feel good knowing that they’ll get them all back at the end of Con, safe and sound.

With all of our volunteers, wherever you end up helping out, our goal is to make sure that you’re able to enjoy the convention too– and the best way to guarantee that is if there’s tons of you!

If you want to help out, drop us an email at or reply to our forum thread.


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